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Jl. Akhmad Yani No. 21 GedongtataanTelp: (0721) 94437 Kode Pos : 35371


Oktober 2010


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1.       X   :  Good morning, sir?

                 How are you?

          Y   :  ……

A.      Sorry!                           C.     See you tomorrow

B.      Thank you                    D.     I’m fine, thank you         

2.       I want to … my self. My name is Budiman

          A.     know                            C.     introduce

          B.     invite                           D.     live

3.       Retno                :  Mr. Hasyim, … my father?

          Mr. Hasyim        :  How do you do Mr. Anwar?

          Father               :  How do you do Mr. Hasyim?

          A.     I’d like to introduce

          B.     I want to invite

          C.     I like to visit

          D.     I am glad to help

4.       X   :  Good morning, Jack.

          Y   :  Good morning, Rita.

          X   :  This is … my friend.

          Y   :  Hi  Ana. Nice to meet you.

          A.     Jack                             C.     Ana

          B.     Rita                              D.     Diah

5.       A   :  Which do you prefer, trousers or shorts?

          B   :  I … trousers better.

          A.     want                            C.     have

          B.     like                              D.     need

6.       X   :  Are you a musician?

          Y   :  No, I’m not. But I like music very much

          X   :  Well, what sort of music do you like best?

          Y   :  I like modern jazz best

          The underlined utterance here expresses ……

          A.     an apology for being late

          B.     a greeting to someone

          C.     an invitation for a pleasure

          D.     an expression of pleasure

7.       Haryo    :  I like wearing T-shirts, but I don’t like wearing shirts.

                         How about you, Nur?

       Nuri       :  Well, I also like wearing T-shirts better than shirts.

                          So, I ……

          A.     always wear shirts

          B.     don’t like T-shirts

          C.     seldom wear shirts

          D.     prefer shirts to T-shirts  

8.       Edi asked rudi to go to see a film at the PALAGUNA Theatre, but  he declined the invitation because he was busy with his homework.

       Edi        :  Would you like to come to the PALAGUNA Theatre tonight?

       Rudi      : ……

          A.     Yes, I’d be delighted to

          B.     That’s very kind of you but I’m afraid, I’m busy tonight

          C.     That’s very kind of you, shall we go now?

          D.     Yes, I’d be happy to accept. I’d be very busy tonight

9.       Hasan    :  Father, I’m going to  do my driving test tomorrow

          Father    :  Oh, yeah? ……

          A.     Good luck                     C.     That’s bad luck

          B.     Wish me luck                D.     Well done, my son

10.     Alif     :  Oh, visiting time is over. I have to leave now.

          Rani      :  Thanks so much for visit.

          Alif     :  You’re welcome. I hope you get … soon.

          A.     well                             C.     along

          B.     ready                           D.     up

11.     Rian meets Kiki on his way from school.

       Rian      :  Hi, Kiki, is it right that you’ll take a part in a big   show

          Kiki        :  That’s right.

          Rian      :  I …… you’ll be successful.

          Kiki        :  Thanks.

          A.     doubt                           C.     know

          B.     mind                            D.     hope             

12.     As a child, Sabar always obeys to his parents. I hope all … as like him.

          A.     children                        C.     a child

          B.     childs                           D.     childhood

13.     Parjo     :  Why don’t you water your  plant?

                         Look, they’re beginning to dry up

          Farmer                                 :  I hope it will rain soon

          Parjo     :  ……

          A.     I think they will soon wither

          B.     Probably they will grow

          C.     Perhaps it will rain

          D.     I think they can bear the heat

14.     One of the followingexpression is suitable for giving sympathy to someone who gets a bad luck

          A.     I’m glad you like you

          B.     I’m very sorry to hear that

          C.     I’m sorry to say that

          D.     I’m sorry to know about your success

15.     Mrs. Heru    :  I’m sorry to hear that your husband is ill

          Mrs. Harno   :  No, no quite. But he is getting better.

          Mrs. Heru    :  I’m so glad to hear that

          The underlined sentence expresses ……

          A.     aplogy

          B.     inquiry

          C.     responsibility

          D.     sympathy 






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